Confidential Reference

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The following applicant is applying to work/volunteer at Pines Bible Camp this Summer. We require a staff member that is growing in spiritual and emotional maturity, is responsible, loving and dedicated. We would appreciate a confidential statement from you concerning the applicant's ability to undertake Christian ministry and their potential as a Christian leader. If you would like to talk to me about this potential applicant, feel free to call me at 250-442-0220 ext. 102. All responses are confidential. Thank you for talking the time to fill out this form. It is greatly appreciated. ~ Facility Director

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To your knowledge has the applicant been convicted of a criminal offence?

Please Check the statements that you know to be true of the applicant

Does the applicant possess leadership abilities?
Describe the applicant's emotional temperament.
How is the applicant perceived by others?
Describe the applicant's sense of humour?
Describe the applicant's personality.
Is the applicant prompt?
How does the applicant work with others?
Describe the applicant's ability to perform, execute an follow through on plans.